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Leadsmart Inc is committed to helping Health Insurance agents grow their business and our premium leads are no exception. We offer exclusive health insurance leads for agents, which means you’ll be the only agent reaching out to the policyholder directly! So what can you expect from these highly relevant leads? Let’s break it down:

Our health insurance leads are highly qualified. As a result of increasingly expensive healthcare costs, policyholders are looking to increase the health insurance coverage they already have. When an agent comes across a policyholder with a desire to take care of their family’s healthcare needs, they’ll want to get in contact as soon as possible. Fortunately, these top-notch leads will be able to help you do that.

So what is health insurance leads? They are the people who need your services. The good thing is they are looking for you! You have taken some time to be trained in the health insurance industry and you have devoted much time to understand all the ins and outs of this dynamic industry. Therefore, if you work as a health insurance agent, you know how much effort has been invested into getting a client. Buying exclusive health insurance leads is one of the secrets of every successful insurance agent.  Let us understand why you need exclusive health insurance leads.

·        Pre-qualified Prospects – Exclusive health insurance leads are potential customers who have not been approached by any other health insurance agent. Exclusive leads means they will not be re-sold, and agents have ample of time and opportunities to close the deal with them. It depends on the skills of the insurance agent to understand and offer what the customer needs. It is very essential for agents to build a rapport with the leads so as to convince them to close the sale.

·        Closing the sales faster – Exclusive health insurance leads are pre qualified which means they are already in the market looking for insurance. Since you will be the first one calling them, there are chances of you closing the deal pretty fast. In most cases there is no hard selling involved. Exclusive leads make it easy for agents to make more calls and work on multiple leads, while still maintaining the quality of their interactions.

·        Time and cost effective – Exclusive leads are both time and cost effective. Since these leads have already shown interest in purchasing insurance, agents won’t waste time in convincing them. They can directly offer their plans and explain the benefits as per the client needs. This way following up with dead-end leads is also eliminated. Consequently, time and resources can be utilized in the best manner.

·        High quality exclusive data – Exclusive leads are usually segregated as per different filters like geographical, demographical etc. The agents get to work only on leads that are relevant to them. For instance, agents selling Medicare would need leads above the age of 65. This is why you need exclusive health insurance leads for agents.

No matter how many hours you spend optimizing various inbound channels, it is almost certain that you will never be able to get all the health insurance clients you need from those channels. That is why it is so important to have a lead generation service by your side. The importance of exclusive health insurance leads for agents can’t be overstated. It increases conversion rates and helps reduce costs.

If you are focusing on getting the health insurance leads for agents, then we can provide the highest-quality leads available on the market today. We have a team of trained specialists that handle our health insurance lead generation process from start to finish. This ensures we can give you the best possible experience that you can get in the health insurance lead industry. We make it easy for you to close more insurance deals with our exclusive health insurance leads.  Our aim is to make sure that agents have exclusive access to good health insurance leads, which helps them grow their client base and increase their sales commissions.

If you’re looking for more info on how our health insurance lead generation services work, then check out our website Leadsmartinc.com  or give us a call today.