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6 Ways to increase your B2B sales leads

B2B sales leads are people or companies that are potential customers. They start the sales process and are critical to maintaining a stable sales pipeline. A lead gets generated when a company or person states an interest in your services or products. If you’re a B2B entrepreneur, you know how important quality and quantity are for your sales pipeline. Whether you’re in software, data and analytics, healthcare or any other industry, you need leads that will convert into clients.

The old saying, ‘It’s not what you know but who you know’ couldn’t be more true when it comes to B2B sales. In an increasingly demanding B2B market, salespeople are looking for any edge they can get; and they’re often looking to the business leads they receive to give them that edge. When it comes to professional services companies, you’re aiming to generate high-quality b2b sales leads, rather than b2c sales leads. The difference between the two is that b2c leads come from social media, email and referrals. Here are 6 tips to help your business increase qualified, high-quality sales leads:

1.     Align sales and marketing teams – When the sales and marketing teams work together to reach the same goals, it increases the brand awareness & value, fills up the sales pipeline with more leads and helps in reaching the company’s goals in a more efficient manner. When the marketing team work in an aligned manner to get high quality leads, the sales team can help in converting these leads into paying customers. The quality of sales leads is more important than the volume. It is therefore imperative that the sales and marketing teams work together in the same direction.

2.     Define your target audience – Very often the sales people can’t close the deal as they reach out to the wrong person. It is very important to understand whom to target so that time and resources are utilized properly. Every B2B sales process needs to begin by completing in-depth research on the potential pool of prospects. Leads can be filtered by company size, industry, location, revenue, funding, the technology used, job title and more. Leads which are old, does not match your target audience, or leads which are already available to you can be filtered out. This way you get what you want.

3.     Live chat option on the website – People looking out to purchase a product/service would want to know all about it instantly. This is where the live chat option comes handy. Live chat tools allow you to engage with your customers immediately. If you can collect personal information like contact number or email address, you can nurture those leads to generate more B2B sales leads.

4.     Use personalization – Personalization is a key to successful B2B sales. It helps you win the highly needed attention from the prospect, prepare better email templates and sales scripts, and improve the services you deliver. The more you find out about your prospects during the research, the better your future outreach results will be. People respond in a generous way when others can be of aid to them. Be creative in ways you can help those you meet or contact so they will be more than willing to help you meet your goals.

5.     Use SEO to increase web traffic – Use search engine optimization (SEO) to get your website to the top of Google search result pages. Make sure to target keywords people enter to describe your service or product. Setting up lead capturing on a page can increase sales leads from SEO. You must understand which keywords are important and target them with content.

6.     Use social media to warm up the leads – Building a strong presence online for your B2B business will ensure constant interaction with your potential prospects, which might help to build more important conversations, share valuable information, and, consequently, increase the number of loyal customers. Interacting within relevant Facebook and LinkedIn groups will help you reach and engage with more leads. Ask interesting questions to begin conversations and respond to comments already posted.

Lead generation is one of the best ways to get new customers. Sales lead generation helps in identifying your target clients. When you generate fresh and targeted contacts, you can work on increasing the number of sales and the value of each sale.

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