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Auto insurance is a necessity for anyone who owns a vehicle and is mandatory in most states. It is primarily for this reason that the Auto Insurance industry is at a boom. However, as in any other business, there is a lot of competition with other agencies trying to tap the potential leads. Even the most skilled and talented sales staff can run into obstacles in their efforts to grow their business. There are many factors that play into this, and one of them is running into prospects that just can’t be sold to. Not all prospects are created equal. The best way to sell without spending a lot of money is – and has always been – to make sure you are speaking with prospects that are interested in your product. So, it’s important that you know what to look for when screening your leads. Here are the top 6 signs of reliable auto insurance prospects to consider:

1. The insurance lead is obtained through a quality lead provider – The benefits of working with a quality lead provider are manifold. You can be sure of getting a list of potential clients that are up-to-date, exhaustively detailed, and contains high-quality auto insurance prospects. A good starting point is extremely beneficial for any business. By eliminating poor-quality leads, you save a lot of time and effort. Your marketing team can directly call these prospects which are provided to you on the basis of several parameters specified as per your business needs. These can be on the basis of demography, income group, age, etc.

2. The lead fills out accurate and complete information – Nothing shows a sincere interest in obtaining an auto insurance policy like an accurately and extensively filled out insurance search form. Many people fill it incompletely just to get a general idea about the quotes. On the other hand, there are people who fill the complete information in the insurance forms. These are people who are genuinely looking for auto insurance and can be excellent prospects to contact and convert into customers.

3. The lead is responsive on the phone – The leads who take your call and inquire about your auto insurance policies are certainly reliable. They would not dodge you or make excuses for not talking. Reliable prospects would talk to you about the kind of auto insurance policy they are looking for. It is on your marketing team to offer them the best auto insurance as per their needs and close the deal.

4. The lead contacts you directly– If a person contacts you directly over the phone or via email, then this can be considered an excellent prospect. They are the people who are actively in the market looking for auto insurance. You must tap them as soon as they contact you or your competitors might win over you.

5. The lead’s current policy has expired or is about to expire – Since auto insurance is mandatory, people would buy it as soon as it expires. This information can be obtained when you ask them to fill out the form for auto insurance via online marketing or while obtaining leads from the lead provider. These people can be termed as reliable prospects since it’s absolutely mandatory for them to purchase the policy.

6. Referral leads – Many times your existing clients refer your business to their family or friends. These people are likely to purchase your product. You should be able to convince them to buy from you. If they contact you directly by quoting your existing customer’s reference, you can consider giving them a policy discount and closing the deal. It goes without saying that a good rapport can lead to a profitable client.  

If you feel you’re doing everything you can to make your auto insurance business a fantastic experience with your customers, but are left wondering why more people don’t contact you, we can help! Our team is highly qualified and trained to get you the best leads for your auto insurance business. To contact us please click here or visit us at leadsmartinc.com